Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Happy Monday, Friends!

Talking about a unique booth at ACM today... Only one like it...

If you have been to ACM much, you know about Sherri's Vintage Clothing Booth... Upstairs in the right side of the loft... she overlooks our booth now.  Also called the "Pink Flamingo Lady."

 It is fun to watch customers peak through her inventory... Always lots of giggles, "wow"s, and "I have to have this!"

On Friday, a young bride on a tight budget was thrilled to find a wedding dress... for $38!!!  You can't beat that... AND it was "vintage!"  I love hearing personal stories like that.   You just never know what you're gonna find at Antique Company Mall!
Make a date with your girlies, and come dig through Sherri's fun. 
While you are here, you can meander through the rest of the booths...
Warning:  You could be stuck here for hours.  You might have to take an intermission/lunch break to re-fuel... and then come back... It has been known to happen!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shakin' It Up Again

Mrs. 58 has a new philosophy about moving inventory around in the booth....
When return customers come to Booth 58, if at a glance, things look the same as they did the last time they were in ACM, they may decide not to come into the booth and shop. 

Makes sense... Doesn't it?  Well, we shook it up good on Thursday.  And we stuffed it to the brim... Not much room for one more thing.  And it looks very different!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Good Problem?

Over the past two years, we have consistently run into a problem: 
We find things we just can't part with. 
Not everything we buy while out "junkin" ends up in the booth. 
Alot of it stays home with us.

 Alot of it gets tagged and calls Booth 58 home for a bit, but then it somehow ends up back home again.
Alot of it never even got a chance to enter the doors of ACM.
And then there are those things that really never belonged in an antique store... like Sister's new fave find.  You just never know what you are gonna find!

I noticed two new plates hanging in my friend Melanie's kitchen last week.  They looked awfully similar to two plates she has in her upstairs ACM booth... I asked her about them, and she confessed, "I bought four of them recently... and only two of them made it to the booth."

So good to hear we aren't the only ones who suffer from this "good problem!"  Who knew we'd have this much fun "working"?!?!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Highlighting two ACM vendors this Monday at the Mall

Pepper Gone Pickin' can be found down the main aisle... on the left before the ramp
Pepper does an incredible job of filling her booth! We love how you find pops of color in her furniture... Right now, her booth has the cutest light pink iron bed. 
Love her handmade vintage goodies... Especially these fabric flower pins.  Beautiful!
 The Patina Nest can be found in the left back half of ACM. Whitney has done a great job of making this corner her own. She has a real rustic elegance .... Love her booth right now with the soft green colors... Gorgeous!

Had another great weekend of junkin'!  New fun finds coming to Booth 58 soon.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Under the Bed

My new favorite one liner from Mrs. 58...

We've been saving special beach themed items all year so that we had a bunch to add this month... Most of it was tucked in boxes underneath her bed. As she began to pull more and more out, I couldn't believe how much we had stored away.

When I said, "Are we gonna put ALL of that in the booth?" she quickly remarked.....
 "Well, it's not gonna sell under the bed."
Good answer, Mom. Wise woman she is!
Come see what we pulled out from under the bed this week.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday at the Mall

2 Sweet Friends

I love highlighting friends that we have gotten to know at ACM over the past 2 years.  The list is endless when you begin to name all the great folks we have gotten to meet.  Today, I want to talk about Cindy and Bettie.

Cindy Rexrode of "Old Friends" is always a cheerful face to see.  She has a fun booth nestled in the front half of the store... on the right side of the store near the stairwell.  Cindy does an awesome job of switching up her look every month... or "shakin' it up" as we call it. 

Cindy also shares her goodies every month at First Monday Trade Days in Canton.  We got to visit her booth last month.... and I am sick that I didn't take pictures.  We were kind of preoccupied while we were visiting with her... A HUGE rainstorm came through Canton right about the time we found Cindy's Old Friends booth.   If you are ever in Canton, you have to stop in and say hi. 

Bettie Williams of "SubUrban Chic" has two booths at ACM... You can find her first one in the middle aisle, on the right, not far from the ramp.

 Bettie's second booth is along the back wall, by the back door.  Look for the cute booth with the window.  We love Bettie's design work and she really has the touch.  Such an eye for something different, but at the same time, so elegant.  
Come by and see what else you are missing!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Good Day

Today was the definition of a "good day."  Beautiful weather.... and great junkin!  Mr. and Mrs. 58, Little Mr. 58, Sister, and I headed out hunting good stuff.  We spent several hours filling our cart, the double stroller, and the big red truck.  Then we enjoyed some chicken salad and a piece of the best ever chocolate cream pie from the Pantry!  A good day - right? 

Mom shook up the booth on Thursday afternoon.  She made the barnwood shelves in the back half of the booth our red and turquoise section.   Really fresh and different.

We even managed to price a few of our favorite finds and stick them in the booth this afternoon... all before Little Mr. 58's nap!   It was a good day.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday at the Mall

Happy Birthday to Booth 58!
Booth 58 is 2 today! 

On a whim, in April 2010, we opened our first booth in Antique Company Mall.  In March, while shopping downtown, Mom mentioned to me, "Someday, maybe I will have a booth in a store down here."  I answered with, "You wanna do it now?"  She was shocked that I would be interested in jumping into this adventure at this season of my life.  With my third baby on the way, I already had a pretty full plate, but we could at least try it - right?
We signed a 6 month contract at ACM for two small booths upstairs.... just enough for us to get our toes wet and see if this might be fun.  If this wasn't "our thing, we could just not renew our contract .  The manager asked us what kind of things were had to sell, and we answered ," Nothing yet!" She then asked us what booth number we wanted.  "58" was mom's quick reply.  Why? "I'm 58 right now, and I think it is a pretty number to write."..... And Booth 58 was born.   See?... all on a whim

We found out that it is "our thing".... All parts of the business are a blast... junkin', pricin', fluffin', meetin' great customers and fellow vendors, and makin' money too!

By July 2010, we were asked if we were interested in moving downstairs to the back corner of the store.  Thrilled, we quickly transformed the little spot into our own cluttered corner with our signature white picket fence out front.    More room to stretch out was great... but we filled it fast... so in December 2011 when the front booth came open, we were ready to move on a whim again.  Mr. 58 added on to our picket fence and we were in business!

Things are still going great.  We still love all the parts of our Booth 58 life.  Our other lives still go on... but when we get a chance to take a break from real life and work on the booth, it is always a treat.  We have seen God do really cool things over the past two years.  We know He has had His hand in this adventure from the beginning.  Today,  as I look back, I am most thankful for the time I have gotten to spend with my parents.  What a joy to share something so fun with two people I love so much.  And it is pretty great that we still feel like it is "our thing"...
"And many more!!!"

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Gotta love these beautiful spring days.  Everything is gorgeous around here... including the bluebonnets.  I took some pictures of my two little ones last week.  There isn't anything prettier than a patch of Texas bluebonnets.

I found this Martin Luther quote recently.... The bluebonnets are telling the Resurrection story this Easter! 

Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time. ~Martin Luther

Easter Blessings to you from Booth 58. May you and yours enjoy this sweet day of celebrating our Risen Lord and Savior.... Look for His goodness all around you.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cool Finds

We've brought in some really cool finds lately to the booth.  After a buying trip to Canton last week and some other great sales, we managed to fill the big red truck before heading back to McKinney.

Mrs. 58 found this neat ceramic hand form and  these great vintage dishes.

Love this old white birdcage I found

This ladder is HUGE!  Can't seem to keep them in the store lately..... Wonder what yall are doing with those?

Shabby Green Metal table with drop leafs.  We call it our beach cocktail cart.  Cute huh?

Come see what else we have in.  We are adding new pieces all the time. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday at the Mall

This Monday at the Mall it's time for the beach!  We fluffed Booth 58 at the end of last week and brought the beach in.  There are still a few remnants of Easter, for those of you that still need to help the Easter Bunny out this weekend, but the starfish are out numbering the eggs.  Us Booth 58 gals love the beach! 

I've made more Destination McKinney Tote Bags... back by popular demand.  Come get them while they are hot!  If they are all gone, I'll make more.... just be patient with me, as my life gets busy and things tend to pile up sometimes.

CORRECTION:  This is the correct link to our FB page... sorry for the mistake earlier!
Go "like" us on Facebook... We just set up our Booth 58 page at
Happy Monday!
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