Monday, November 24, 2014

Leftovers anyone?

 The turkey is still frozen in the fridge, but I am already salivating thinking about it.  Anyone else's mouth watering thinking about eatin' some good food this week?

How many times can you eat leftover Thanksgiving dinner?  One, Two, Three times? 

I've heard two different takes on leftovers recently... "Leftovers are the best part.".... and..."No thank you...once is more than enough for me."
By Friday or Saturday afternoon, will you be ready to taste something new? 
We have just the thing for you....

And new tastes of the season are just part of the fun! 
Make plans Friday or Saturday to come up to McKinney ... and plan to stop by Antique Company Mall while you are up.  Booth 58 is filled to the brim!

We snagged these two old McKinney street signs on our most recent junkin' trip.  They will be the perfect Christmas gift this year for someone who calls McKinney home!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Make it Merry Tip of the Day

Make it Merry Tip of the Day: Unique Package Ties
Add a little more "merry" to your gifts this year by adding something unique to your packages.   The wrapping can be just as amazing as the gift itself! Mom's Christmas wrapping is always part of the treat.
Just a few pretty examples:

Add a bit of nature with a pinecone, piece of evergreen, or feather.

Add a bit of shiny with an German glass glittered snowflake ornament

Add a key to your package tie... A unique one-of-a-kind extra.

My personal favorite: a piece of silver plate - a spoon, fork, or knife... Sometimes Mom finds engraved pieces with the special someone's initial.  Such a sweet addition to a package.
Booth 58 has lots of options to help you make your gifts feel that little extra love.
Tip of the Day Checklist for Booth58 Shopping:
German glass glittered snowflakes
rusty keys
silver plate pieces
other various ornaments

Thursday, November 20, 2014

B58 Christmas Classic

Mom has been making these framed music pieces for several years now.... Noel, Joy, and Rejoice are in the booth now.

  We consider them one of our Booth 58 "Christmas Classics" -
A lovely gift for that "classy gal" in your life...

Who on your list needs one? Mom? Sister? BFF?  Music Teacher?  Or ....Maybe it is YOU! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bundled Up for You

We've done a lot of junkin' over the past 4 1/2 years for Booth 58.   In Texas, we spend most of the year braving the heat, but this wasn't the case last week.  Friday, we traded our sunscreen for our gloves.  All bundled up, we headed out to dig for cool treasures for you.  And we didn't come home empty handed! 

After defrosting a bit and warming up with a hot bowl of soup, we added some new handmade goodies to the booth..... just in time for a busy shopping weekend at the ACM! 

Happy Monday .... Stay Warm

Friday, November 14, 2014


Today is a junkin' day for us.
Today we are fluffin' Booth 58.

Today, despite, all the Christmas surrounding us, we are getting really excited about Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday!)

What are you doing today?  How about this weekend?  Make a trip up to see what all the fuss is about up here in Downtown McKinnney... you won't be disappointed!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Make it Merry Tip of the Day

Booth 58 Make it Merry Tip of the Day:

Set up a hot cocoa station this year. 

 Leave out mason jars filled with cocoa powder, peppermints, and of course - marshmallows!  Add some fun holiday mugs and some pretty spoons

How about setting the goodies on a nice silver tray... or better yet, a child's sled?   A small chalkboard sign will welcome your friends and fam to come warm up.
Tip of the Day Checklist for Booth 58 Shopping:
mason jars
 fun holiday mugs
 pretty spoons
 small chalkboard
 nice silver tray
 child's sled
Just add the cocoa!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Winter Whimsy

Remember when I talked about adding a little "whimsy" to your d├ęcor back in the fall?
Booth 58 is full of whimsy this wintery season...   
Look for small items that are playfully quaint... things that make you look twice!  
What "whimsy" can you add to your Christmas collection this year?

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