Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday at the Mall

We've been keeping a consistent stash of blue transferware in Booth 58 lately.  Seems to be popular.  We've always loved blue....  This Monday there is a bit more...

Our sweet decorator friend Holly Mathis told me recently that every room can have touches blue and green... "They are the two colors God chose to use everywhere, so we should too!" 

Holly adds beautiful pieces of blue pottery throughout her rooms as a neutral.  She especially loves using ginger jars, plates, and platters.  Don't you love her look?

Visit her blog today ..... She highlighted her recent trip to McKinney!  Her post includes a few of our favorite things about the Square ... including Patina Green.
Happy Monday, Friends!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today in Booth 58, we have a few new things... and some old things shifted around... so it looks new!  We are tricky, like that!

new size of cubby by Mr. 58

Lots of new chalkboards for your favorite quotes

and lots of new banners.... for all occasions.

Hope your week has been happy, happy, happy....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bigger Stuff

So we have finally gotten into the groove of needing bigger stuff for the booth.  Since beginning upstairs at ACM, 3 years ago, we have been through a series of steps in regards to what we can fit into the booth. 

new bigger mantel
Upstairs was tiny... and short... Like so short that  I had to bend down in order to be in our booth.  We started out this business with the mindset that we couldn't have big stuff in our booth so we would focus on the smalls.

new bigger smalls....does that make sense?
 Now, three years later, we still have a ton of smalls, but we are bringing in much more furniture...and other bigger stuff .... poor Mr. 58!  He must lift and load and unload and carry thousands of pounds each month for Booth 58.  

new bigger architectural pieces.... including 7 ft chippy shutters from New Orleans
This weekend we found some big stuff.  Poor Mr. 58!  He loaded, unloaded, and moved it all several times in 100+ degree heat.... Such a good man! (some of that moving was because I wanted some of that big stuff in my house... so he had to load and unload it all one more time for me... Like I said, "good man!")
new bigger windows with old glass
 Come by Antique Company Mall this weekend to see all the big stuff!  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday at the Mall

A rainy Monday complaints here... Nice to have a small break from the heat.

We have been looking forward to this window display for a while now.  We spent an afternoon scribbling down window plans while Little Mr. 58 napped.  Mom and I really have a ball dreaming up stuff together.  We say we are "playing store." 

Our Lemonade Stand was fun to put together....with a little silver, mason jars, an old sugar sack, some rusty pieces, and of course we had to add lemons!  Our tree  over the window became a lemon tree overnight.  Miracle on Virginia Street!

See our lemons in the tree?
    Go make a big ol' pitcher of lemonade today .... and have a sweet Monday!

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Chair

Mr. 58 learned a new trick!  We heard Lady Butterbug say that you could paint pretty much everything with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint... Including fabric?  Yep... that is what she said.  So Dad, thought he would put this to the test. 

Mom and Dad picked this beautiful chair a month ago...
the upholstery was just not the prettiest color.
After a bit of research, Dad dove right in and painted the seat cushion - fabric and all.  He used Duck Egg from Annie Sloan. 
It turned out great.  I was a bit skeptical... but it really is beautiful.  Once again, Mr. 58 worked
(Side note: Did you notice our new mantle too?)

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Well OverDue Monday at the Mall

I think I have missed three Mondays at the Mall..... We have been busy doing summer!  Lots of playin' with cousins, eatin' ice cream, swimmin', and wavin' flags.... Little time left for Mama to do any bloggin'!

Had a minute to run up to the booth this weekend to snap a few shots of "what's new."


Now back to more "summerin'!"  Hope you are all soakin' up some sun too.

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