Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday at the Mall

Just got home from sneaking up to Antique Company Mall for a few minutes. We have had quite a few chilly days this weekend.  Feels more like the winter we have all been waiting for .... I pulled out the winter coats again... they were already buried under the flip flops.  

Front window
Little Mr. 58 and Sister and I rolled through the ACM quickly to pick our fave sights for this Monday at the Mall post.....I was looking for things that looked like spring... something "fresh." 
Betty's new table setting screams spring!  beautiful!

One of Carolyn's Easter vignettes

Booth 58 peat pots

Melanie's scale with eggs
John's "time for spring" spot

Shannon's garden friends

This booth upstairs caught my eye several times recently.  
Nancy's butterfly wreath

And, we have to close with one more corner in Booth 58. 

Stay Warm!

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Girls

 Some of you are new to our blog.  I say "our" because Booth 58 is something my mom, dad, and I have fun doing together.  I (Elizabeth) do the posting and updates here and on Facebook.  But the majority of the hard work is done by Mom and Dad (Mr. and Mrs. 58).  They are always junkin', creating, repairing, painting, and prepping goodies for ACM.  I get to be involved in lots of the adventure- some junkin here and there - and some of the creative journey too, but as a busy stay-at-home mama of three little ones, my time is limited.  Mom and Dad really keep Booth 58 alive.

They live in Central Texas on a farm where dad is a cattleman.... These are some of  "the girls".  Aren't they pretty?
This is the view right outside of his workshop there on the farm... where he "fixes up" lots of our inventory.  

There is always something to be done... And he never wastes any time!  Sometimes, we give him a hard time about never sitting still, but we are thankful that he has all that energy.
Funny story I heard last week while we were visiting them: 
Dad told me that if he leaves his workshop(barn) door open while he is working, the cows will come in to see him.  He always has to "shoo" them out so they aren't getting in his way or in his wet paint.  The other day, Mom came into the barn while Dad was working on something with his back to the door.  Much to her surprise, she was greeted with a "Shoo... Get out of here, Girl....."  When he turned around to see his visitor, he quickly realized this wasn't just one of "the girls" - it was "His Girl!"
Love it!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday at the Mall

Missed last Monday... Kids and I spent some time at the farm with the grandparents and the cousins.

Today I am excited to highlight Barbara Smith and her lovely booth in the front window. 

Barbara has a decorator's touch.  Her look is a vintage elegance that no one else can quite replicate.  It is always a treat to see what she has put together in her booth. 

Love her soft, feminine touches that seem to give her space an airy calm feeling. 

As you enter ACM, go to your immediate right to explore her beautiful spot.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Diggin' Up Deals

Dad  and Sister were busy with a bit of gardening this week at the farm.  He almost convinced her to use her fingers to dig up the dirt, but she was content with just placing the baby plants in the holes he dug for her.  Such a girl!  This is a pic of them from last fall, but the same general idea... diggin' and dirt...

We have been busy diggin' up deals for our ACM customers too!

 Lots of new spring freshness....

Come by and see what all we have dug up!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Decorating or Collecting?

Always on the lookout for good quotes to use on our chalkboards.  This one spoke to Mom and me last week....

"A room should feel collected not decorated." 

Don't you love that?  This is a great summary of our decorating philosophy.  We love to collect stuff... and isn't it great when we can use that stuff to make our homes feel unique and full of character?
Here's one more quote that is a little more on the corny side... but fun for this time of the year!  Does anyone else decorate for St. Patrick's Day?  Any other Irish lads and lasses out there?

Monday, March 4, 2013

March at the Mall

March is here! Lots of fresh spring looks at Antique Company Mall this Monday.

Here are a few sights from our booth today.  We gave it a new look - spotlighting some of our blue and white collection:
Mom and Dad refinished this hutch with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  They did a great job!

 Yall ready for Easter?  It's gonna be here soon.
This beautiful serving piece is outside of our booth right now.  Great pops of spring color.

 The front window looks great too.  Love this robin egg blue dresser....
And speaking of that pretty blue.... The cash register area of the store has received a makeover too!  More about that soon.... Annie Sloan has been well represented around these parts :)

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