Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday at the Mall

It's Monday again.  I'd like to highlight Carol..... She is another new neighbor of ours.
Come see the great doll collection she has now... just outside of our picket fence.

You never know what you will find tucked into Carol's spaces... all kinds of treasures.

Carol has many booths in ACM along with other malls in the area.  You have to check out all of her spaces upstairs too.... she even has a "dollar store" section.  Mom and I like to go scout that out and see what great steals she has. 

Hope you are having a Happy Monday! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


March has been full of good things.
 A few  of my favorites:
Little Mr. 58 finding out that mud puddles are a boy's best friend.
Big Brother playing baseball for the first time.
And lots of favorites in Booth 58:
This large rusty cloche is super cool.
Love this shabby plant stand
Silver has been a favorite of our customers this month... We've sold lots of it recently.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Last week, I helped Big Brother's first grade class make these:

Remember making a terrarium from a 2 liter coke bottle?
This project made me think of a fellow ACM vendor....

Mom and I spotted this cool vintage pickle jar terrarium in Angela's booth.  Check out her spot in the upstairs corner.  She has done a beautiful job in her space.

Sister loved looking at all her pretty "comfy" pillows... great additions to make your home a little more springy!

Don't forget to venture upstairs when you visit Antique Company Mall... TONs of great stuff and prices!

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 16, 2012

It takes time

 The week that we moved into our new home, Mr. 58 spent a morning planting daffodil bulbs for me. At the time, the sold sign was still in the yard... I wasn't really able to appreciate the sweet act he was doing for me.... Now I can. 
He is always so good about planning ahead and planting at the right time.  I am not that patient and I just never seem to have the time.  Every spring I see other people's flower beds filled with the gorgeous splash of yellow and say to myself, "I sure wish I had thought to plant bulbs last fall."

Being a good gardner like Dad requires time.  It takes time to make plans, to get the beds ready, to purchase just the right plants, to plant them, and that is just the beginning....Dad loves checking on his gardens... he is a great gardener... and his gardens love him!

Speaking of TIME... Have you noticed a decorating trend lately?  Lots and lots of clocks, clock faces, watch faces, and anything relating to clocks.  We have a huge black one over the mantel in the booth right now.

We made these unique clock faces recently.  Keep your eyes open... you'll see lots too.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday at the Mall

This Monday, I want to highlight two wonderful people... Rick and Deana Pennington.
Since we moved booths, they became our new "neighbors" at the bottom of the stairs.  They also have a great booth upstairs - check out that booth with the windows - "Years Gone By".  A fun selection of treasures.

My kids love this Donald clock they see in R and D's booth when we are "fluffing" Booth 58 together.

Most weekends you can find this energitic couple working long hard days at ACM.  Deana graciously camps out behind the register, greeting each and every customer with a beautiful smile and a "We thank you, Honey."  or "Have a wonderful day, Sugar."  I don't know how she keeps it up hour after hour, but she does it so well.

Rick rewired this lamp... Ready to go home with you!

Rick adds fun to work days!  He loves to tease with the best of us, but at the same time, he works like no one else.  He knows every inch of that mall.  Mr. and Mrs. 58 and I always enjoy spending our work days with them.  Lots of fun.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Wee Bit of Green

We've been adding little tucks of green to Booth 58.  Found these realistic tiny potted plants.... Mom added burlap to some to make it "us."

I've been reluctant to add fake greenary to my new home... But last week I set myself free from that Home Decor "Do's and Don'ts" List.  Now there are a few little spots of green gracing the corners at home. 

Hubby even noticed and commented on the new life.... "Makes our home feel more cozy." 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday at the Mall

We have some serious Booth Envy.

You know who I am talking about... Nancy Schwalls from Uncommon Goods.... some know her as "Colorado Nancy."  A sweet down to earth lady.  We've enjoyed getting to know her and now being her "back booth neighbor."

You can find her booth in the front of the store directly across from the cash register.  At the moment she has a whole tree growing in there... bursting with springtime buds.  That tree is what pushed Mrs. 58 and me over into the Envy category... It is super cool! 

She also has a booth at the top of the front stairs ... always packed with cool stuff.

Nancy recently had some business cards printed and I spotted them in her booth.  Her slogan/tag line for her business made me laugh out loud..."rusty, crusty, and dusty collector"
Isn't that great?  Great summary of her collections! 

 Come by ACM and check out what Nancy has in her rusty corner today!  There is always something that will make you look twice. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Buyers Beware

A springtime favorite in our booth right now....  Mom threw this burlap wreath together on Sunday afternoon... It almost didn't make it to the Mall... It almost ended up on MY front door instead! 
Those of you that know my mom, know that she has many gifts and talents... She is super creative.  She is a natural encourager.  And she loves to give gifts!  My kids know that she always has a treat in her purse for them.  Her friends receive little gifts wrapped up in pretty little ways.  And those of us in her family know her generousity the best.

When working on Booth 58 stuff, if I say "Ooo, I like that.. or "That is so cute!"  she always responds with... "Do you want it?  It would look great in your house!"   BUT I try to restrain myself and let most things make it to the Booth... Like this wreath. 

Buyers beware: If no one snatches this cutie pie up quick, Mom will get in her gifting mood, it will be mine. Hurry!  She just can't help herself!

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