Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blog Police

Mom reminded me recently that "There are no Blog Police."  when I apologized for my lack of posts this month.  Lots of other things have been more important these days!

helping grandmother decorate her trees

wrapping pretty packages

visiting santa

enjoying time and good food with family

a sweet treat here and there too!

All of these are few pictures from our Booth 58 Family Christmas a few weeks ago.... a peak into Mr. and Mrs. 58's beautiful home and some of her Christmas Wonderland!  It is always fun to go to Grandmother's house at Christmas.

Santa is on his way!  Only a few more days to finish your shopping at ACM. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday at the Mall

Have lots of shopping to do still?  Don't want to get in and out on this cold wet day?  Antique Company Mall in McKinney is just the spot for you!  You only have to get out in the rain once... and enter into our 'junkin' paradise'!  Shoppers have been known to spend hours with us. 

Lots of Moving at the Mall this Monday.  Moving booths around seem to cause a domino affect in the ACM.  When one person moves, it seems like lots happens.  Come by and see everyone's new looks!

I added some of these little bags of "Booth 58 Chalk" this weekend....  Buy it all in one place... and check someone off your list!
Nancy from Ella Elaine has a new booth in the front of the store.... If you are Ella Elaine fans, you must come soon to see what she has done with her new space!

Not many pictures this Monday... was too busy moving to lug the camera around.  Next week I am planning on giving you a tour... Come back to see.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Moving Day... Our Christmas Miracle

Wednesday morning, Diane called me to tell us that our new booth would be vacant by Thursday afternoon.  Our original moving day was planned for December 15th.... two weeks from now.... But why wait?  We are officially moved in as of tonight!  Mr. 58's power tools are worn out from tearing down our cluttered corner and then rebuilding the new front booth.  Mrs. 58 and I were busy fluffing and re-fluffin' --- it really was so much fun.  Dolorous was working yesterday and she told me about the red grocery cart in the back room.  I've seen that old thing hundreds of times and always wondered, "Who ever uses that?" 

Boy did it come in handy!  We piled it full about 6 times, pushed it up the ramp to the front of the store, and unpacked it.  Our cluttered corner quickly moved and became our cluttered heap.  It is unbelieveable that we fit all of that in that little bitty booth.  Several dealer friends came by and said, "You brought a lot of new stuff in, right?"  Nope... not a bit of new stuff.... It all multiplied!  It was a Christmas Miracle!

Look at our piles and piles... All a bit overwhelming to me, but Mrs. 58 just kept saying, "No big deal!  We can do it.  This is wonderful."
 Whew!  What a whirlwind!  We ended our crazy two days with dinner at Spoons tonight.. capping it all off with cupcakes for our little ones.

As we headed over to dinner, we stopped to look back through the store window.  You can see our booth from the street!  So cool.  Mom and I squealed a couple of times when we saw that. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


On Sunday, Mom and I strolled through some of the shops downtown while Hubby and Mr. 58 stayed outside with the kids. We treated ourselves to some "eye candy" in Gray Living, The Smitten Flea, and Bloom and loved every minute of it. Now that we are busy with Booth 58, we don't get to browse like we used to. 

I hope to take some inspiration from Gray Living's upstairs bedroom displays for my own bedroom.  That store is incredible.  Inspiration in every corner... and also enjoyed this article from Dallas Magazine.

The Smitten Flea had a great sparkling of seasonal cheer, along with Lady Butterbug's Annie Sloan chalk paint... another "to do" on my list - I'm planning on painting some furniture I inherited from my grandmother soon.  Still trying to decide on just the right look.  The Flea had samples of the finished products for all the colors.  Great to see in person.

And Bloom... A beautiful fashion portfollio. I have been following Kendi's blog for a while... fun to see what is "in" in the fashion world too... and she is just as cute as can be.  I love how Kendi mixes the old with the new. Thirfting is one of her favorite ways to find treasures for her personal clothing collections. I can kind of relate with her...kind of like "junkin" for our Booth 58 treasures!
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