Thursday, December 13, 2012

Banner Fun

 Still selling lots of banners... burlap and shipping tag banners.

Found this shop on Etsy with great photos using her banners..... Such cute ideas!  And a real photographer took this photo FOR SURE... read on to see why I say that...
I tried this with my kids on Sunday. I made a "thank you" banner for the booth, but held it back to try this out. We were all dressed ready for church so I said, "Come on kids... Follow me to the back yard so we can take this quick picture... It will be a piece of cake." Yeah, right!
 Taking one picture with three kids is never a piece of cake... And then I added a banner made of paper on a breezy morning! This is why I am NOT a photographer!

Big Brother and Sister were willing to make it work... but it was quite comical as we were waiting for the perfect moment to take the picture without the "thank you" flapping in the wind.... and at that point Little Mr. 58 had lost complete interest and was driving his tractor around the yard.....

 Oh well, I will try again another time... We all got a great laugh out of it. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Merry Monday at the Mall

Hope you all are having a Merry Monday!

Here are a few snapshots of Booth 58 today and some other Christmas goodies around Antique Company Mall.

Look at the sheet music stars mom dropped scattered on the floor!

Eileen's booth looks great.  Love this snowy birdhouse.

Beautiful vintage nativity.... Sure is prettier than the Fisher Price version my kids are playing with this month... But not quite as "kid friendly!" 

Carolyn's cute red metal high chair... and I love her Christmas flashcards all around her booth.

Stay Warm!  Thankful for cooler temps finally around here.  Maybe we will get to use our Booth 58 sleds soon?  My kids are hoping for that!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real people buy our stuff!

Many times, Mom and I have conversations about our sweet customers:

What do you think someone will do with this?
Not sure what this is... but someone will love it!
This is going to find a perfect home in just the right spot in someone's house.

It is so fun to get to meet them in person.  I got to meet a new friend this week while Sister and I fluffed a bit.  (Hi "V"!)  She was so sweet to compliment us on our space and tell me that she loves coming to ACM to shop our booth.  She told me about several of the items she has purchased from us, and she was excited when I told her about this blog and our Facebook page... A real person... buying our stuff for her real home!

Last weekend, on the annual McKinney Home Tour, we experienced something we never dreamed of... We got to see some of our merchandise displayed in some real homes. That was crazy!  Not what we expected!

We met Anna of Craft Away Studios in her gorgeous new home.  She had one of our burlap banners hung in her kitchen window... and one of Mr. 58's mini chalkboards over her fridge.  We were able to introduce ourselves and tell her thank you for shopping Booth 58.  It was a joy to get to chat with her for a bit about her unique crafting business.  Another homeowner had one of our silver chalkboards displayed in her kitchen cabinets.  It looked great.

From Booth 58 to its new home... in Anna's spectacular kitchen...
I would rather live over Anna's sink too!
This whole Booth 58 journey has been so much fun.... God has truly blessed us around every corner.  On a whim, we jumped into this world and have been delighted more and more as we get deeper in.  When we get to see the real people that are loving our stuff... and then see it in their real homes, it makes it even more fun for us.  It is wonderful to know that things that make us smile bring other people joy too!
Big Thanks to all of you "Real" Customers that make this so much fun! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Sister and I spent a bit of time this warm afternoon at Antique Company Mall .... fluffin' a bit.  We both wore our flip flops, turned the a/c way down, and enjoyed the sunshine... We do wish it felt a little more like Christmas though.

At Booth 58 we are trying to help you feel the season too.... We added 3 sleds, lots more ice skates, and our first set of snow shoes last week!  Wishful thinking... right?

We "shook things up" Wednesday afternoon and "flipped" the booth.  Mr. 58 did some babysitting during Little Mr. 58's naptime, so that we could get a lot of work done... Thanks Dad!

Still lots of silver... and we added more from our most recent junkin' trip last week.

Sister found the perfect little flocked deer in Nancy's booth.  They were pink!
Happy Monday... Even though it doesn't feel a lot like Christmas, it is in our hearts... So...
Crank up the Christmas music and the a/c, Friends.  This is Texas!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday at the Mall?

Not much "Cyber" about this "Monday at the Mall" - sorry folks.... Just the same ol' ACM! 

We are officially in the Christmas Season now....
Booth 58's"Tiny Tree Trucks"

Uncommon Goods' Skate Tree

Upstairs booth that is decked out for the season now

Melanie's cute corner upstairs ready for the season

Lilly Lane also is ready to be Merry!

Love Sara's book tree upstairs.... cool idea!

Enjoy your last week of November!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give thanks!

So many things to say thanks for this year.....We will be spending our Turkey Day with family on the farm....

The Booth 58 Gang wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving

Don't forget about Dickens of  a Christmas this weekend - Nov 23 -25th

... from the Downtown McKinney site:
McKinney Main Street kicks off the holiday on Thanksgiving weekend with the long-standing annual tradition Dickens of a Christmas – Home for the Holidays. The 32nd year of this free event begins Friday, Nov. 23 and runs through Sunday, Nov. 25. Historic Downtown McKinney will transform into a winter wonderland of holiday shopping, entertainment, activities and food. Dickens of a Christmas is free and open to the public. Throughout the weekend, visitors to Historic Downtown McKinney can enjoy strolling carolers, visits with Santa, live entertainment, carriage rides, children’s activities, holiday shopping and dining at the more than 100 shops and restaurants downtown.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Happy Monday at the Mall!
Some more of our awesome Antique Company Mall vendors and their Christmas scenes.

Angela's Christmas houses

Nancy from Uncommmon Goods has a great display in the front of the store

Nancy from Ella Elaine is always so clever!

Barbara's front windows always represent ACM so well!

I found quite a few Christmas collectables in the glass display cabinets... don't forget to check them out.

And in Booth 58.... silver, silver, silver!  We got the silver!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chalkboard Art

Have you noticed all the chalkboard art these days?  I recently found CJ Hughes from Custom in Tennessee.  His work is beautiful.  Go see his website to see more.

Booth 58 has been selling a lot of chalkboards lately.  I spent some time adding a version of  my "chalkboard art" to them.... Nothing like CJ's - but my feeble attempt. 

It is fun to see what a little bit of white chalk can do! 

A chalkboard is a fun gift for anyone on your list. Wrap it up with a cute ribbon or twine... add a couple pieces of chalk ... and viola!  Done!

  I gave a friend one as a housewarming gift recently, with a quote about "home" written on it.  Perfect for a teen or college student also.  And any busy mom or teacher would appreciate a fun place to make her lists.  I have one in our kitchen where I jot my kids' current Bible verses we are working on memorizing.... and sometimes just a fun message from me to them.  They think the "old fashion" chalkboard is cool....

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Spent some time last weekend taking pictures of all things Merry around ACM.  Here are some of the Bright spots!
Carolyn's snowglobe collection

More from Carolyn

Look at all these old ornaments

Cindy's booth has a whimsical feel unlike any other in ACM. 

Don't you love her bright cheerful colors?

Really love her sparkly Christmas village cottages

John Davis has some great vintage Christmas pieces

We got to work with Larry last weekend and he told us all about these light up yard ornaments.  He has quite the collection and he is selling them like crazy!  They line the railing of the top floor and greet all the visitors at the Mall.

Can you see Larry's welcoming committee in this photo at the front door?

A few of our Booth 58 rustic Christmas treasures... Doesn't everyone need a sled on their front porch?

Happy Monday at the Mall, friends!
More from several other ACM vendors next week.....
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