Friday, December 26, 2014

After Christmas Blahs?

The stockings are buried under a pile of gift wrap, the sugar high has dissipated, and the first Christmas toy has been broken by now.  We are feeling the after Christmas blahs by now.... You know that feeling ...It's all over... We are so spoiled.  Now what?  

Why do the traditions have to stop at 12:00pm on Dec 25th? 
Do you have an After Christmas Tradition to bust those blahs?

A trip to the movie theater?  An afternoon of board games or puzzles?  An evening drive to see Christmas lights?  The B58 Gang always plays a heated game of bingo (complete with great prizes!).

 Here is a new after Christmas tradition you can start this year.... Spend the day in Downtown McKinney!  Make a stop in the Antique Company Mall to find lots of After Christmas Deals.  A great solution to those blahs... retail therapy!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Many Merries!

May your  Christmas Day be full of merry moments! 
Many Merries from the Booth 58 Family

"Today your Savior is born..." Luke 2:11
Happy Christmas

Friday, December 19, 2014

Almost done?

I have almost all of my shopping done, the gifts mostly wrapped and now I'm heading to the kids' class parties. Then they are home for Christmas break.  Christmas is in full swing now! 
Do you have one more person on your list that is that hard to shop for person?
Head up to Antique Company Mall in Downtown McKinney this weekend to find something for those hard to shop for folks on your list.  You never know what kind of unique treasure you will find.
ACM offers gift certificates -
Perfect for the junk lover on your list! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Shake Up

We did a big booth "shake up" a couple weeks.  Sometimes we just "fluff" and other times we do a full out "shake up"...Kind of like taking out all the drawers in your kitchen, dumping them on the floor, and then putting back all the junk stuff in different drawers.  Can you picture it?
 Mom always keeps her composure so well in these "shake up" sessions.  I totally freak out... and then she calms me down that way that moms do.... And we somehow pull it all together again for a fresh new look in the booth.

She balances me really well like that.... in lots of areas of life...not just the booth.  When life seems to be getting "shaken up", and I am totally freaking out, she gently reminds me that everything is gonna be ok... just put one thing back in the drawer at a time...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mimi's Make Merry Tip for the Day

Mimi's Make it Merry Tip of the Day:
When in doubt, put a bell on it... 
My grandmother, Mimi, loved Christmas.  She lived life to the fullest... and she fully embraced the idea of Making it Merry.  She filled her days by making other people merry!

  Through December, Mimi wore a large gold jingle bell on a red satin ribbon around her neck.  This was her tool that she used to bring on the Christmas cheer wherever she was.  She took the meaning of "I'll be there with bells on" to a whole new level! 
So today's Make it Merry Tip is in honor of my sweet Mimi... the one who taught us how to add Christmas cheer to our life year round. 
We have several bell options for you in Booth 58 still.  After selling out of our giant jingle bell ornaments, we recently restocked.
Add a bell to  your tree, your gift wrapping, a wreath, or how about hanging one around your neck?!?
When in doubt, put a bell on it!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Happys Today

Today a few things that make me smile:
*Finding the perfect spot to hang my B58 burlap
 banner in my house ...(one of the first ones mom and I made 3 years ago...little did we know that they would be such a hit with you B58 shoppers through the years!)
we still have a few left in the booth... head up to ACM to snag your own...or one for a friend
*Finding presents wrapped under our tree that I didn't put there... (someone has been sneaky!)
*Smelling my evergreen candle burning...(it fools me into thinking for a second that our tree is real.)

 *Hearing Little Mr. 58 say that Jesus came
to earth for everyone... even Batman...

What is your Christmas Happy today?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Make it Merry Tip of the Day

Make it Merry Tip of the Day:  Christmas Chalk Art
Get creative with a chalkboard.... Chalk up a favorite Christmas carol, saying, scripture, or maybe even a recipe.

We have lots of examples for you in the booth.  Don't be scared to roll up your sleeves and give it a try.... You can always erase and start over!
Tip of the Day Checklist for Booth58 Shopping:
Chalkboard (big, small, or in between)
chalk (yep, we even sell that in a cute little bag that you can hang right near your chalkboard)
"Chalking Up" Ideas

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Window Shopping with Santa

Changed out our window display this week.  Tried to make it look like Santa's desk in the midst of planning his departure for December 24th.    Coming up with new window displays is fun.... and this time, we had a funny "window shopping" experience.

A group of gals on a girlfriends' getaway stopped at our window on their way to dinner.   Some of them spotted several things in Booth 58 that they REALLY wanted.  Unfortunately,  ACM had already closed for the night.  Through the glass, they were able to point, gesture, and sign to show us the pieces they REALLY wanted and talked us into putting a "hold" sign on them until the morning. 
Sure enough, they were some of the first customers in the mall that morning, ready to snag their window shopping finds.
Downtown McKinney has lots of great spots for dinner... and for pre or post dinner strolling and window shopping too!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Real People Buy Our Stuff - Part 2

A couple years ago, I talked about how tickled mom and I were when we saw some B58 goodies on the McKinney Home Tour... bought by real people... displayed in their real homes!  Had to pinch ourselves!

At a recent, preschool play date, I had another encounter with some real Booth 58 shoppers.  Little Brother and I enjoyed a fun morning with some new friends.  During some "getting to know each other Mommy Talk", my Booth 58 life came up.  One of the moms I met that morning, told me she had purchased one of our large buffets this fall.  She shared that it is now in her real living room.... with her real t.v. sitting on top of it.  What a small world!
 Sometimes, Mom and I still feel like we are just "playing store."  It is always a treat to meet you Real Booth 58 Shoppers! 
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