Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Lots of new things happening at Antique Company Mall in 2012! 
The vendors recently gathered to talk about the exciting things that are on the horizon.
Cindy from Junque Art will be creating a website for ACM!  You will also be able to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be updated on all the latest happenings.  Cindy hopes to include links to fellow ACM bloggers.

We've been working hard in Booth 58 to take the old out and bring in some new.  We've started using these fun price tags.  We added Happpy Hearts Day goodies...including lots of paper crafts that will  be sure to win the heart of your Valentine.
There has been lots of moving around within the walls of the mall over the past month. It is fun to see things "shake up" and yet still feel like "home". Come in to see what is new... and some of the old things that we all still love about our Antique Company!
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