Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday at the Mall

A little late with my "Monday at the Mall" post today.  The grocery store, laundry pile, and homework folders were calling louder than Blogger today. 

I did make some mental "Monday at the Mall" notes as I went about my Monday routine though....

Noticed lots of pumpkins popping up at the Kroger .... bought ingredients for my first batch of chumpkin bread (my sweet friend just filled me in on this new slang for "chocolate-chip/pumpkin bread!"  yum!!!).... and was also tempted to enjoy my first pumpkin spiced latte of the season! 

A few more pumpkin filled shots of our booth today...

 It is Pumpkin Time friends!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Trick or Treat

At my house, everyone has picked out their Halloween costumes and already played in them enough to have numerous rips and tears already.... At least we are getting our money's worth! Our Ninja, Batman, and Mermaid are counting down the days until Candy Day!

Little Mr. 58 Batman can't figure out why we only trick-or-treat one night.... He thinks we should get this party started now!

Booth 58 is sporting some special "tricks" and "treats" already too. 

Don't want to miss out on the orange and black... because before you know it we will be seeing red and green!

Monday, September 16, 2013

"Hole in the Wall" Monday at the Mall

Another Monday at the Mall.... With a new "hole in the wall" ... so to speak...

Mr. Ella and Ella Elaine decided to take down a door in the wall their two booths share... You can now walk thru his booth into hers....And this "hole in the wall" now lets ACM customers take a peak at Booth 58 from a new vantage point... Can you see it?

It's always fun to have a new perspective ...

Hoping that this Monday brings you a new view in life too...
Perhaps something fresh to enjoy today?
Happy Monday

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday at the Mall

It's the third week of school... and we are getting into that routine finally.  It is hard to switch gears and fully embrace this new schedule.  But we are getting there...
 Monday at the Mall .... Some of the "routine" sights at Booth 58 today....
crank up the fan... it's still hot!  But we are waiting for fall any day now - right?

 silver and books and black and white photos

We found a great stash of ironstone pieces on our last junkin' trip... Come by to see what we dug up!

Happy Monday Yall!
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