Monday, August 29, 2011

Take a Number

A cool trend that has been around for a bit now... Numbers!
Photo courtsey of The Knot... here.

Booth 58 has been "numberized" from the beginning.  Mom added some 1,2,3's to several items recently.... We are always loving the look of a bold numeral.

I painted this "58" on this little end table. 

Remember these number plaques from last year?  Mr. 58's first attempt at numbers.  He's made more.  Come "take a number!"  I took a "5" yesterday to add to my collection.  If this little coat hook doesn't sell soon, it might find a new home here with our three little coats hung on it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Blogging Backseat

Our blog has taken a backseat to life lately. I used to post regularly on another personal blog... years ago - now it seems. Friends frequently say "I sure miss reading your blog, " or they ask, "Why don't you blog anymore?" I quickly answer... "Life happened."

Computer time is now a precious commodity to me... as a busy wife, mom, daughter, and friend. Some days my laptop screen may not even see the light of day. As I sit typing now, my 6 year old plays a video game, my 3 year old naps, and I was just informed that the baby is now "crawling over to you, Mom."

I have refrained from becoming "friends" with any of you in FaceBook. I am one of the three remaining people in the universe that has not taken the FB plunge yet. I know myself too well.... It will become a thorn in my side if I open an account. Maybe someday... but for now, I will just have to be "friends" the old fashioned way... through email!

I enjoy writing here.... letting you all know about the fun that we are having in Booth 58. But there are times when Blogger might feel neglected....due to unforeseen ER visits, broken air conditioners, another ear infection, and just an overall tired mama. I'll be back... Just be patient.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hooray, Hooray, School Started Yesterday!

We started school yesterday. 1st grade is so different from kindergarten. The backpack fits a bit better this year, the tennis shoes now have shoe strings instead of velcro, and Mama didn't shed a tear as we walked away from the classroom Monday morning.

Summer was fun... but long and hot here in Texas. There are only so many things to do at home, inside with the air conditioner, on these 108 degree days with three kiddos. After a year of kindergarten, Big Brother was used to exciting things happening everyday... Not so much here... Mama was just not the entertainer that kinder teacher Mrs. L was. We heard "I'm bored" more times that once.

A couple times I decided that I would venture to the Antique Mall to check on the booth... with all three kids. What was I thinking? My first mistake was to do this without a stroller. Big Brother was to hold Sister's hand while we crossed the street to get to the door... that went fine. BUT then when we entered the store, she decided that she was big enough to walk "all by myself." (I hear that more times than once too).

We made it back to our corner just fine. One step into Booth 58 and I knew my quick trip to "check the booth" needed to be more of a complete overhaul and "refluffing trip." Stuff was everywhere! The beach/patriotic themes had all been mixed... and what looked like another vendor's large racoon trap had found it's way to the center of our floor -- No, not a racoon... just the trap. Dishes had been moved around and stacked on the floor. A large print we had gracefully "hidden" in back corner under a table was now "front and center" on display. Lots needed to be fixed.

About the time that I had mentally registered the mess around me, my sweet girl also registered that her favorite stool was missing. How dare someone actually buy something and take it out of the booth! She proceeded into full melt down mode... right there on the floor next to the stacks of dishes. Big Brother wasn't much help as all he wanted to do was leave. I was stuck holding the baby in one hand and a large rusty varmit trap in other.... Now what?

I put the trap back down where I had found it, picked up my tramatized little princess, and issued the command to all within earshot... "We're leaving now!" big Brother remarked, "Mom, we just got here."... I answered, "Exactly."

And that is about how most of my summer has gone. So, you see now why the first day of school was a sweet day for me. Don't get me wrong, I adore my children and the times we get to spend together are blessings. But, now I know what my mom was talking about when she used to say, "Hooray, Hooray! School starts today!"

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