Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Legal!

We decided that it is "legal" to say it's fall now.  September 1st means fall!  Yesterday, we took out the shells and added the pumpkins ... and it felt so wonderful.  Fall is our favorite.
I read a blog post this morning that asked the question, "Are you sad to see summer go?"  HA!!!  Those of us here in the Texas are all answering that quickly... "No way!  Bring on the fall!!!!"
Mom and I heard several comments from customers and other dealers as they watched us sprinkling our fall wares around Booth 58...All of them sounded inspired and excited ...We told them, "It's legal! It's September 1st!!!!" A few even  tried to buy our display only punkins' they were so inspired! 

Speaking of "punkins" -Our fall brings us the joy of adding our new Little Punkin' to the family.... so fluffing the booth will have to take a backseat to a few more naps for this mama.  Why not get a jumpstart on this festive season... Bring on the Fall!

1 comment:

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I'm coming to see your booth on Monday!!

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