Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Orphan Plates

Although china has not been a great seller for Booth 58, I cannot pass up a deal on a sweet dish. Plate, platters, and pieces of transferware are everywhere in my own home. Hung in most rooms, filling cabinets, holding odds and ends, everywhere you look are the signs of my obsession with plates. When I find a lonely, orphan piece at a tag sale, or Goodwill, I cannot leave it. In my mind, I try to justify why it needs to come home with me. Some of my friends have said it is O.K. to have sets of different dishes for different seasons..like fall dishes, ones for summer. But I am talking about just stray dishes, no mates, no way they will ever be a set. I am like a dish rescuer...it needs a home.
Now I am very picky about my dishes. They have to appeal to me, or be a piece of an obscure set I have started to collect...like my Homer Laughlin Valentine dishes, white with red trim and pastel flowers.
What? You didn't know it was O.K. to have Valentine dishes? Well, of course, it is. And I found the sugar bowl at a church rummage sale this past weekend....for fifty cents.


Angela said...

Sometimes matches miraclously turn up, sometimes not. Either way it's okay, right? If you love them they will go with other things you love!

clustres said...

I have tons of these collected over many years. See on my post here http://clustres.blogspot.com/2010/04/homers-not-laughin.html
I'm in Frisco!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love collecting orphaned vintage dishes! The pattern you've shown is so pretty and perfect for Valentine's dishes!

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