Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Constants - Part II

Constants... Part II -
The next "installment" of this season's series - "What are constant sellers in Booth 58?"

Boxes and crates and trunks of all kinds are another constant in Booth 58.
 Fun to see what we can do to make an old milk crate, wooden tote, bank box, travel trunk, cigar box, tool box, or ammunition crate into an interesting piece. 

Lots of stacking and creative contents inside!

 I'd love to ask our customers what all they've done with these boxes and crates.....

are they now housing toys in the playroom?
shoes in the back hall?
pencils on the desk?
magazines under the coffee table?
or money under your mattress?

Boxes, and Crates, and Trunks... Oh My!.... We'll keep 'em coming!

1 comment:

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I have often wondered too where our items land and what are they doing now? I am really hoping they are under our customers beds with lots of money!

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