Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday at the Mall

It is almost a new school year.... Lots of new stuff coming our way... new clothes... new teachers... new freinds.  The school bells can't be heard at ACM... but that doesn't mean there aren't new things happening here too!  I noticed several new vendors downstairs at ACM this week...

Martha recently set the tone for fall in Antique Company Mall when she got to expand her booth in the center aisle.  I've always admired her look and today as her space is doubled, it looks as good as ever... along with the touches of fall - which we all are eagerly anticipating her in North Texas!
 I noticed a few new vendors in the back left corner of the store.  They look great!
 And here is our old Booth 58 corner... Mom got to visit with the 4 girlfriends who are making this their new home.  We love the way they painted the brick wall.  Now, we can't wait to see what they fill the cute spot with.

Heading to the farm to spend a few last summer moments with the Booth 58 Cousins down there.  We have plans to bring fall to our space when we return at then end of the week.  Can't wait to pull out our pumpkins... We are ready for something new ... aren't you?

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