Friday, March 22, 2013

The Girls

 Some of you are new to our blog.  I say "our" because Booth 58 is something my mom, dad, and I have fun doing together.  I (Elizabeth) do the posting and updates here and on Facebook.  But the majority of the hard work is done by Mom and Dad (Mr. and Mrs. 58).  They are always junkin', creating, repairing, painting, and prepping goodies for ACM.  I get to be involved in lots of the adventure- some junkin here and there - and some of the creative journey too, but as a busy stay-at-home mama of three little ones, my time is limited.  Mom and Dad really keep Booth 58 alive.

They live in Central Texas on a farm where dad is a cattleman.... These are some of  "the girls".  Aren't they pretty?
This is the view right outside of his workshop there on the farm... where he "fixes up" lots of our inventory.  

There is always something to be done... And he never wastes any time!  Sometimes, we give him a hard time about never sitting still, but we are thankful that he has all that energy.
Funny story I heard last week while we were visiting them: 
Dad told me that if he leaves his workshop(barn) door open while he is working, the cows will come in to see him.  He always has to "shoo" them out so they aren't getting in his way or in his wet paint.  The other day, Mom came into the barn while Dad was working on something with his back to the door.  Much to her surprise, she was greeted with a "Shoo... Get out of here, Girl....."  When he turned around to see his visitor, he quickly realized this wasn't just one of "the girls" - it was "His Girl!"
Love it!

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