Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday at the Mall with the Stars

Fun things to share this Monday at ACM.  This weekend we had some star sightings in the Mall! 

A movie was being filmed in Downtown McKinney this weekend.... visit this link to learn more about Hoovey.  I found a video clip on their Facebook page that shares the story behind this independent film... and it looks like a great movie.  They shot many scenes here with lots of "extras" from McKinney.

So, back to how ACM fits into this!  We had noticed the film crews around town Saturday... Their trailers were parked in the city lot behind the ACM and they were shooting a large crowd scene at the Heard- Craig House not far down the street.  When we popped into the Mall later that evening, we heard about some of the cast coming into do some shopping.

Lots of yall probably recognize Patrick Waburton (from Seinfeld) ...  He came in and bought the large map from Mr. Ella's booth that I showed yall last week.  Cool - huh?  Neat to think some famous folks like to buy our ACM treasures too!

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