Friday, August 23, 2013

Front Row Seats

I ventured up to ACM with my three little helpers one more time before school starts on Monday.  The last time I took all three to the booth it ended in a bit of chaos.... and I vowed to "never do this again!"  Well, I broke my promise and decided to do it just this one more time.

Surprisingly, it went really well.  (Bribery works wonders!)  And it helps that ACM has front row seats to the "best show in town" for a two year old boy... or any boy for that matter!   Today the "diggers" on Virginia were in full swing... and I think Little Mr. 58 could have sat there all day... But, this mama wasn't up for testing that theory out!  We were in and out with just enough time to snap a few pics of our spot for you. 

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