Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is cool?

Was up at the Mall last week, chatting with a sweet vendor friend.   She doesn't have the traditional stuff that a lot of other antique vendors tend to gravitate to.... She's a little "cooler" if you know what I mean?  She and I were talking about what is coming up in the design world... what is gonna be cool? A forward thinker! She sees that a minimalist/industrial vibe is taking over....

Like this I saw here:
See that there are still touches of "vintage"(like the old enamel bread box on the counter)... but for the most part we see clean lines and it is simple.
Well, hmmmmmm..... Where will that leave us?  Mom and I can say with certainty that Booth 58 could never be mistaken for having the "minimalist" look! ha!  We actually claim to be the exact opposite.... Some may call us "junky".... we prefer to see ourselves at "full!"  ;)
With this "forward thinking" mentality, we see that we do embrace the idea that "simple is best."  That is a great mantra to embrace for all areas of life - right?  Simplicity.... Simplify.... Especially in our homes. 

At Booth 58 we aren't minimalists.... but we love the beauty of "simple." 
Simple everyday objects ....... that help you create unique comfortable places to call "home."
Come find something wonderfully simple today!

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