Thursday, October 23, 2014

We tried.

We tried real hard to not mix our Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas displays.
 No orange and red and green ....

Orange got moved to the front window... Just in time for Scare on the Square on Halloween.  
(side note: Make plans to come up to McKinney that afternoon.... fun times!)

Thanksgiving got moved behind the window.... Just in time for shoppers thinking about their dinner table décor.

And, Christmas made its debut in our back section .... Just in time for what will soon hit the retail world ... "the holidays"  or what we like to call "crazy."

No orange and red and green has been intentionally mixed. We know things get moved around ...kind folks try to help out.  So we fully expect to find a big ol' orange pumpkin sitting under our red and green Christmas tree any day now... But until then, we tried.

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