Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Little Things

Many of the finds we snag out  junkin' are never seen by our Booth 58 shoppers. 
Isn't it always the littlest things that bring you the biggest joy?
 Big Brother has become the family baker.  My plastic measuring spoons have given him some trouble since the measurements have worn off.  I found this vintage set this fall.... He thinks he's the Iron Chef now...
 little thing... big joy
Found this doorstop... perfect for my annoying pantry door...and for Sister who loves kitties.  No real felines here due to allergies... but these cuties make her smile.
little thing... big joy

In September, Dad took Little Mr. 58 "to look for treasures" while Mom and I were neck deep in some shopping.  They came back with smiles from ear to ear.  This Ziploc bag full of legos made that little guy's day.  And Granddaddy was the hero "treasure hunter"...
little thing...big joy

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