Saturday, April 9, 2016

Booth 58 turns 6 today!

Happy Birthday to us! 
Booth 58 turns 6 today
6 years of great memories...
Lots of wonderful junk....
unforgettable friends....
fantastic shoppers!
Thanks for helping to make our last 6 years so much fun.
It all started "on a whim" one afternoon in March 2010.  Mom and I were spending an afternoon browsing shops in Downtown McKinney. 
Mom said something like, "Having an antique booth in one of these stores is my dream.". 
 I had never heard this before, so I questioned further.. "Why don't we?" 
"We? Would you want to do this with me?"
"Sure....why not?  It would be fun."
And the rest is history.....
Dad agreed to help us with some lifting if we ever needed it...Ha!  Little did we know what he was agreeing to!
Much lifting later (and building, painting, cleaning, driving, shopping, loading, unloading, and on and on) the three of us laugh at the unexpected beginnings of Booth 58 that March afternoon. 
Truly a joy...from the very beginning. 

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