Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Constant

Recently talked about chalkboards being a "constant" that we keep the booth stocked with.   (Actually ran into an old friend at the mall and she said, "Oh, you're the booth with the chalkboards!")

Another "constant" reflects our own decorating tastes... Plates.

Mom has always embellished her home with dishes... some family heirloom pieces and lots of pretty pieces she has collected through the years. She's had various themes ... some walls with all one color ( brown transferware, ironstone, red transferware). Some corners with all one shape (platters, pitchers, dessert plates).

In my first college apartment, Mom helped me decorate my tiny bedroom... we hung several blue transferware plates on the walls... all coordiating with the denim comforter. The blue bedspread was trendy, but none of the other girls were decorating with grandma's old dishes in that season of life!

We've learned that colorful dishes are not big sellers. White dishes and plates are constants though. We try to round up a few plates, pitchers, and platters each time we restock.... if Mom and I can part with them! After snagging two ironstone pieces last weekend, I asked her what she was gonna price them for the booth. She answered, "These aren't going in the Booth... They are going in your house!" .

See what I mean?

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time worn interiors said...

I love chalk boards, I sell everyone I do up!
Great booth!

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