Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday at the Mall

We have been Carolyn Brooks fans for a long time.  We frequented her booths long before we were dealers here at Antique Company Mall.

Carolyn is one of the all time top sellers at the Mall.  She sells a ton of stuff!  AND this lady can sell ANYTHING!  I'm telling you, we are always in awe.

A couple things about Carolyn that we love... her cool stuff... and her great prices!  You can spend hours looking through her treasures.  Everything is always presented so well.  Carolyn always gives her husband, Kent, the credit for the staging.  He has the "touch" apparently! 

You can find Carolyn's corners in several places.  Her downstairs booth is down the ramp, towards the back right side of the store.  She also has a great space upstairs.  Halloween is her favorite ... so come in and see what she has ready to buy!

1 comment:

Angela said...

I love her booths!

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