Thursday, March 1, 2012

Buyers Beware

A springtime favorite in our booth right now....  Mom threw this burlap wreath together on Sunday afternoon... It almost didn't make it to the Mall... It almost ended up on MY front door instead! 
Those of you that know my mom, know that she has many gifts and talents... She is super creative.  She is a natural encourager.  And she loves to give gifts!  My kids know that she always has a treat in her purse for them.  Her friends receive little gifts wrapped up in pretty little ways.  And those of us in her family know her generousity the best.

When working on Booth 58 stuff, if I say "Ooo, I like that.. or "That is so cute!"  she always responds with... "Do you want it?  It would look great in your house!"   BUT I try to restrain myself and let most things make it to the Booth... Like this wreath. 

Buyers beware: If no one snatches this cutie pie up quick, Mom will get in her gifting mood, it will be mine. Hurry!  She just can't help herself!

1 comment:

katy said...

That's got to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

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