Friday, March 16, 2012

It takes time

 The week that we moved into our new home, Mr. 58 spent a morning planting daffodil bulbs for me. At the time, the sold sign was still in the yard... I wasn't really able to appreciate the sweet act he was doing for me.... Now I can. 
He is always so good about planning ahead and planting at the right time.  I am not that patient and I just never seem to have the time.  Every spring I see other people's flower beds filled with the gorgeous splash of yellow and say to myself, "I sure wish I had thought to plant bulbs last fall."

Being a good gardner like Dad requires time.  It takes time to make plans, to get the beds ready, to purchase just the right plants, to plant them, and that is just the beginning....Dad loves checking on his gardens... he is a great gardener... and his gardens love him!

Speaking of TIME... Have you noticed a decorating trend lately?  Lots and lots of clocks, clock faces, watch faces, and anything relating to clocks.  We have a huge black one over the mantel in the booth right now.

We made these unique clock faces recently.  Keep your eyes open... you'll see lots too.

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