Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday at the Mall

Happy Birthday to Booth 58!
Booth 58 is 2 today! 

On a whim, in April 2010, we opened our first booth in Antique Company Mall.  In March, while shopping downtown, Mom mentioned to me, "Someday, maybe I will have a booth in a store down here."  I answered with, "You wanna do it now?"  She was shocked that I would be interested in jumping into this adventure at this season of my life.  With my third baby on the way, I already had a pretty full plate, but we could at least try it - right?
We signed a 6 month contract at ACM for two small booths upstairs.... just enough for us to get our toes wet and see if this might be fun.  If this wasn't "our thing, we could just not renew our contract .  The manager asked us what kind of things were had to sell, and we answered ," Nothing yet!" She then asked us what booth number we wanted.  "58" was mom's quick reply.  Why? "I'm 58 right now, and I think it is a pretty number to write."..... And Booth 58 was born.   See?... all on a whim

We found out that it is "our thing".... All parts of the business are a blast... junkin', pricin', fluffin', meetin' great customers and fellow vendors, and makin' money too!

By July 2010, we were asked if we were interested in moving downstairs to the back corner of the store.  Thrilled, we quickly transformed the little spot into our own cluttered corner with our signature white picket fence out front.    More room to stretch out was great... but we filled it fast... so in December 2011 when the front booth came open, we were ready to move on a whim again.  Mr. 58 added on to our picket fence and we were in business!

Things are still going great.  We still love all the parts of our Booth 58 life.  Our other lives still go on... but when we get a chance to take a break from real life and work on the booth, it is always a treat.  We have seen God do really cool things over the past two years.  We know He has had His hand in this adventure from the beginning.  Today,  as I look back, I am most thankful for the time I have gotten to spend with my parents.  What a joy to share something so fun with two people I love so much.  And it is pretty great that we still feel like it is "our thing"...
"And many more!!!"


Anonymous said...

Loved looking back through this fun experience with you through this blog! Didn't know that's how you go the booth name! Sweet! You need to come see my laundry room! It features a Booth 58 "Laundry" sign, washboard chalk board, and the sewing drawer! Makes me smile to have things in my home that remind me of my dear friend, her fun business, and precious parents! ~ Kara

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Time flies when you're having fun--and you all are certainly doing that! By the way, anxious to see more bluebonnet pics of the kids -- what an adorable sailor boy in the bluebonnet patch! Grammy

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