Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday at the Mall

2 Sweet Friends

I love highlighting friends that we have gotten to know at ACM over the past 2 years.  The list is endless when you begin to name all the great folks we have gotten to meet.  Today, I want to talk about Cindy and Bettie.

Cindy Rexrode of "Old Friends" is always a cheerful face to see.  She has a fun booth nestled in the front half of the store... on the right side of the store near the stairwell.  Cindy does an awesome job of switching up her look every month... or "shakin' it up" as we call it. 

Cindy also shares her goodies every month at First Monday Trade Days in Canton.  We got to visit her booth last month.... and I am sick that I didn't take pictures.  We were kind of preoccupied while we were visiting with her... A HUGE rainstorm came through Canton right about the time we found Cindy's Old Friends booth.   If you are ever in Canton, you have to stop in and say hi. 

Bettie Williams of "SubUrban Chic" has two booths at ACM... You can find her first one in the middle aisle, on the right, not far from the ramp.

 Bettie's second booth is along the back wall, by the back door.  Look for the cute booth with the window.  We love Bettie's design work and she really has the touch.  Such an eye for something different, but at the same time, so elegant.  
Come by and see what else you are missing!

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