Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sense of Humor

Did some junnkin' last week.  We got an early start, but still didn't beat the heat.  Oh well, that comes with the territory, I guess.  The "cool front" is coming tomorrow... 100 instead of 104 like today.  Sense of humor is important on days like today in Texas!

Speaking of sense of humor....Caught up with Rick and Deana for a bit while we fluffed on Wednesday. We compared junkin' locations for the following morning... They were going west. We were going east.....

"Rick , you goin' west cause it's gonna be cool over there, right?"

"Oh, yea. Haven't you heard - 60 degrees cooler... I'm gonna take a little sweater."

See, sense of humor is important in this business!

Instead of beating the heat today, we pretended...

Lots of our  finds this trip will have to wait until the cooler months... wishing we could put them in Booth 58 now... but they don't quite go with the summer theme we have going. 

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