Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Happy Monday!  It is a happy Monday around here.... with a little bit of fall in the air on this first day of October... we are all happy!

 Mom and Dad worked Antique Company Mall this Saturday. I was able to join them for a few hours also. With lots of rain, we had lots of customers come in off the streets from Oktoberfest. The rain was nice, but not the best for Downtown McKinney's big event. I think everyone made the most of it anyway.
Noticed some new sights around the mall this weekend....
Carolyn's Halloween Tree

 Suburban Chic's special guest in her birdcage!

Booth 58's "Something Blue" for Thanksgiving

Our (Booth 58) Happy Candy Day Party vignette... Ready for lots of little trick-or-treaters!

Don't you love Ella Elaine's turkey in the front window... and especially her pearl necklace?

Still loving Barbara's new look in the front window.... Beautiful pieces!

Noticed this new dealer upstairs.... cool stuff! Excellent use of this space.

another new dealer upstairs

This little vintage spice tin men are hilarious!

Another great vignette in Uncommon Goods in the front of the store

I hope your Monday is Happy too!

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