Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday at the Mall

There's a lot going on at the Antique Company Mall... and especially our Booth 58!  We've actually committed some of my own pet peeves... I get bugged when I see pumpkins out with Christmas decorations in front of someone's house.  Does that annoy you too?  Mom agrees with me.  Come on, folks!  Put away the pumpkins once December is here....okay? 

Booth 58 has a lot going on this Monday!

A Halloween section.. with pumpkins...
 A Thanksgiving Section ...
  And a Christmas section!
In my own home, I am fully embracing October and Fall.  Hubby pulled down my tubs and tubs and tubs of fall goodies recently.  The pumpkins will be welcome for a while here!  BUT we're also busy making more handmade Christmas things for Booth 58.....cause retail world doesn't stop for Fall very long.  We sold a lot of Christmas items on Saturday... already! 

Come back later in the week to see some of the handmade stuff we have to show off!

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