Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chalkboard Art

Have you noticed all the chalkboard art these days?  I recently found CJ Hughes from Custom in Tennessee.  His work is beautiful.  Go see his website to see more.

Booth 58 has been selling a lot of chalkboards lately.  I spent some time adding a version of  my "chalkboard art" to them.... Nothing like CJ's - but my feeble attempt. 

It is fun to see what a little bit of white chalk can do! 

A chalkboard is a fun gift for anyone on your list. Wrap it up with a cute ribbon or twine... add a couple pieces of chalk ... and viola!  Done!

  I gave a friend one as a housewarming gift recently, with a quote about "home" written on it.  Perfect for a teen or college student also.  And any busy mom or teacher would appreciate a fun place to make her lists.  I have one in our kitchen where I jot my kids' current Bible verses we are working on memorizing.... and sometimes just a fun message from me to them.  They think the "old fashion" chalkboard is cool....

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