Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Spent some time last weekend taking pictures of all things Merry around ACM.  Here are some of the Bright spots!
Carolyn's snowglobe collection

More from Carolyn

Look at all these old ornaments

Cindy's booth has a whimsical feel unlike any other in ACM. 

Don't you love her bright cheerful colors?

Really love her sparkly Christmas village cottages

John Davis has some great vintage Christmas pieces

We got to work with Larry last weekend and he told us all about these light up yard ornaments.  He has quite the collection and he is selling them like crazy!  They line the railing of the top floor and greet all the visitors at the Mall.

Can you see Larry's welcoming committee in this photo at the front door?

A few of our Booth 58 rustic Christmas treasures... Doesn't everyone need a sled on their front porch?

Happy Monday at the Mall, friends!
More from several other ACM vendors next week.....

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