Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday at the Mall

Sister and I spent a bit of time this warm afternoon at Antique Company Mall .... fluffin' a bit.  We both wore our flip flops, turned the a/c way down, and enjoyed the sunshine... We do wish it felt a little more like Christmas though.

At Booth 58 we are trying to help you feel the season too.... We added 3 sleds, lots more ice skates, and our first set of snow shoes last week!  Wishful thinking... right?

We "shook things up" Wednesday afternoon and "flipped" the booth.  Mr. 58 did some babysitting during Little Mr. 58's naptime, so that we could get a lot of work done... Thanks Dad!

Still lots of silver... and we added more from our most recent junkin' trip last week.

Sister found the perfect little flocked deer in Nancy's booth.  They were pink!
Happy Monday... Even though it doesn't feel a lot like Christmas, it is in our hearts... So...
Crank up the Christmas music and the a/c, Friends.  This is Texas!

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