Thursday, December 6, 2012

Real people buy our stuff!

Many times, Mom and I have conversations about our sweet customers:

What do you think someone will do with this?
Not sure what this is... but someone will love it!
This is going to find a perfect home in just the right spot in someone's house.

It is so fun to get to meet them in person.  I got to meet a new friend this week while Sister and I fluffed a bit.  (Hi "V"!)  She was so sweet to compliment us on our space and tell me that she loves coming to ACM to shop our booth.  She told me about several of the items she has purchased from us, and she was excited when I told her about this blog and our Facebook page... A real person... buying our stuff for her real home!

Last weekend, on the annual McKinney Home Tour, we experienced something we never dreamed of... We got to see some of our merchandise displayed in some real homes. That was crazy!  Not what we expected!

We met Anna of Craft Away Studios in her gorgeous new home.  She had one of our burlap banners hung in her kitchen window... and one of Mr. 58's mini chalkboards over her fridge.  We were able to introduce ourselves and tell her thank you for shopping Booth 58.  It was a joy to get to chat with her for a bit about her unique crafting business.  Another homeowner had one of our silver chalkboards displayed in her kitchen cabinets.  It looked great.

From Booth 58 to its new home... in Anna's spectacular kitchen...
I would rather live over Anna's sink too!
This whole Booth 58 journey has been so much fun.... God has truly blessed us around every corner.  On a whim, we jumped into this world and have been delighted more and more as we get deeper in.  When we get to see the real people that are loving our stuff... and then see it in their real homes, it makes it even more fun for us.  It is wonderful to know that things that make us smile bring other people joy too!
Big Thanks to all of you "Real" Customers that make this so much fun! 

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