Thursday, February 21, 2013

Real People with our Real Stuff

 I talked about "real people" before in this post.  I have another "real people" story from working this weekend at ACM. 

 Saturday, a young lady came in and purchased an old ledger that I recently added to our booth.  I picked this old crusty address book on our big junkin' trip last month. 

It was one of those finds that made me think, "This is cool.... Someone will really like it... Not sure what they will do with it...But someone  will love it." 

So, I got to meet that someone.....As I wrapped it up for her at the cash register, I asked her what plans she had for it.... she gave me a much cooler answer than I was expecting:  "I work for Hobby Lobby's design team and I design scrapbook papers and supplies.  I'll scan this old paper and use it to create some new papers." 

Cool - huh?  How many times have I stood on the scrapbook paper aisle at Hobby Lobby debating which paper to buy.... And now, the girl that designs those papers, bought paper from me!

It is fun to get to hear about the real ways that real people are using our real stuff!  Makes our Booth 58 adventure even more fun! 


CraftawayStudios said...

That is so cool! I think I saw that will definitely make the perfect scrapbook paper patterns!

Eileen @ Marie CasaBella said...

Hey friends! Enjoyed hearing about the old ledger.

Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I love it!

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