Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bigger Stuff

So we have finally gotten into the groove of needing bigger stuff for the booth.  Since beginning upstairs at ACM, 3 years ago, we have been through a series of steps in regards to what we can fit into the booth. 

new bigger mantel
Upstairs was tiny... and short... Like so short that  I had to bend down in order to be in our booth.  We started out this business with the mindset that we couldn't have big stuff in our booth so we would focus on the smalls.

new bigger smalls....does that make sense?
 Now, three years later, we still have a ton of smalls, but we are bringing in much more furniture...and other bigger stuff .... poor Mr. 58!  He must lift and load and unload and carry thousands of pounds each month for Booth 58.  

new bigger architectural pieces.... including 7 ft chippy shutters from New Orleans
This weekend we found some big stuff.  Poor Mr. 58!  He loaded, unloaded, and moved it all several times in 100+ degree heat.... Such a good man! (some of that moving was because I wanted some of that big stuff in my house... so he had to load and unload it all one more time for me... Like I said, "good man!")
new bigger windows with old glass
 Come by Antique Company Mall this weekend to see all the big stuff!  

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