Monday, March 24, 2014

White or Wheat... furniture?

Hubby and Big Brother went on a camping trip this weekend.  I did their shopping for them, and Hubby had one simple request, "Honey, do you mind buying us just plain ol' white bread? I like the healthy whole grain bread you usually buy, but for this trip, white bread would be awesome." My All American Hubby...teaching his All American Son about being a Man... camping in the woods.... eating white bread!
Ok, so, how am I going to tie this back to Booth 58?  Furniture.... Yep!  I hope I haven't lost you  yet...

  You might have noticed that we have a lot of white furniture.  We bring in stained wood and different painted pieces sometimes...Right now, we have a beautiful table that has a gorgeous finish on it... just too pretty to slap white paint on. 

Other vendors sell lots of gorgeous furniture.... painted, stained, refinished.... For some reason, we mostly sell white furniture.
 It is kind of like the white bread  vs whole grain bread.  We have tried to be "that healthy mom" with the whole grain bread.... Somehow we end up back with the good ol' white bread.

 And like "good ol' mom", we like to have the kids' favorite on hand.
Come in soon to see what kind of furniture we have.  White and Wheat!

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