Monday, March 17, 2014

Junk Dynasty

We are back home from our Spring Break on the Farm with the Booth 58 Gang.

Mr. 58's "Girls" say "howdy" - along with their 20+ new babies. 

Had some wonderful time playing with cousins and eating good food (my favorite!).  One night, after Granddaddy (Mr. 58) finished the prayer before dinner, Cousin #1 chimed in, "We are just like Duck Dynasty...minus the beards!  And Granddaddy, you are like Phil cause you are the old guy."

Well, we do have some things in common with the Duck Commander family.... Mom and Dad live out in "the sticks" .... our men wear camouflage (sometimes) and enjoy hunting..... we sit around a big table, eat good food, and love Jesus.  But, we are missing the facial hair!

After a junkin' trip with my kids last week, I think we would be better named "Junk Dynasty."  They already have a love for junk...It is a legacy they are living already.... I think it is in their blood!

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