Monday, November 24, 2014

Leftovers anyone?

 The turkey is still frozen in the fridge, but I am already salivating thinking about it.  Anyone else's mouth watering thinking about eatin' some good food this week?

How many times can you eat leftover Thanksgiving dinner?  One, Two, Three times? 

I've heard two different takes on leftovers recently... "Leftovers are the best part.".... and..."No thank you...once is more than enough for me."
By Friday or Saturday afternoon, will you be ready to taste something new? 
We have just the thing for you....

And new tastes of the season are just part of the fun! 
Make plans Friday or Saturday to come up to McKinney ... and plan to stop by Antique Company Mall while you are up.  Booth 58 is filled to the brim!

We snagged these two old McKinney street signs on our most recent junkin' trip.  They will be the perfect Christmas gift this year for someone who calls McKinney home!

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