Friday, November 28, 2014

Make it Merry Tip of the Day

Before you head up to Home for the Holidays, are you pulling out all the Christmas boxes?  Have you put up the tree yet?  Have you been dreading it?  How about Making it Merry this year by keeping things a bit more simple than you did last year?
Make it Merry Tip of the Day: Christmas Balls in Ball Jars

A pretty pop of color in an unexpected vessel... an old ball jar.  Festive.  Simple.
We think a grouping of different shaped jars like these are pretty.  We are even selling some of our jars already filled with balls.  And we also have some individual vintage balls.
Tip of the Day Checklist for Booth58 Shopping:
Ball Jars of many sizes
vintage Christmas balls
 Remember:  Simple is great! 

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