Tuesday, March 24, 2015

At Home with Booth 58 - Issue 2

Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and I am a plate addict.  I have inherited my plate addiction from Mom.  She inherited it from her mom.  Scientists are working on the genetic mapping for this disease right now.
A corner in Mom's dining room
It began for me with my first apartment in college.  We hung three small transferware dessert plates next to my twin bed... And my dear roommates watched and wondered "What is up with the plates?"

Then, I got married and began making my newlywed nest a home.  On move-in day, Mom and I promptly hung several plates on my red dining room wall... then three platters along the kitchen wall.   And my sweet Hubby watched and wondered "What is up with the plates?"

My master bedroom plate wall
As I started making this home my own, my first big project was to hang 15 transferware pieces over the headboard of my bed.  And then I continued on in Sister's girly vintage room with there china dinner plates hung over her desk with pink satin ribbon.  And my sweet girl watched and wondered "Mama, What is up with the plates?"  Chances are, she too has inherited this trait.
Sister's nursery ... She didn't have a chance...

Another cozy corner at Mom's ... and she couldn't help but add a couple of plates.
You too could be at risk for developing this addiction.  If you aren't quite at the "hanging plates on the walls" stage yet... there is still hope for you.  But watch out... it will sneak up on you, and before you know it, you will be hearing the same words from your loved ones..."What is up with the plates?"

Mom's red and white guest room
 Just remember:
When in doubt, put a plate on it
 Our Booth 58 fail-safe decorating tip!

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