Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lessons from Booth 58: Buy Now or Cry Later

After almost 6 years of this business, we have noticed some trends....

Lessons from Booth 58: 
The new stuff sells: 
Buy now or Cry Later

For our Faithful B58 Shoppers, we try hard to reach our inventory goal ...
At least 40 new items in every 10 days
 So, that brings me back to the lesson... The new stuff sells.  After a full day of shopping and fluffin' we laugh about the things that sell within a few days.... Our fresh junk sells fast. 
(That means we are on the constant lookout for great new old stuff for you!  Yall keep us on our toes!)
If you see something you can't live without, buy now... because someone else might be right behind you that loves it too!
P.S. - Another reason that some of our stuff sells so fast is because Booth 58 has great prices!  Antique Company Mall vendors have great prices all around... Make a trip up to McKinney to see the deals ...or you may be crying later.

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