Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lessons from Booth 58: Keep Looking

Ever stand at the fridge door and KNOW that you just saw the ketchup....right there?  Or the car keys that you are sure were just in your hand...and now they are no where to be foundKeep looking and you know you will find them....

You may feel that way in Booth 58 if you are a frequent shopper... And you KNOW you just saw a cool piece right there.... How could it be gone already? 

Lesson from Booth 58:
Keep Looking
We move things around a lot.
 Another trend we've noted:  If we move things around ("shake it up") in the booth, things sell better.

 Sometimes, customers come in and say "Oh no, it's gone!  It was just here yesterday."  And then they start the Buy Now, Cry Later  ugly cry.  And then we say, "Oh no.  It's not gone!  We just moved it over here."

We try to give Booth 58 a good "shake" at least once a month... So, when you come in to buy that special piece that you knew was right there... Keep Looking!

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