Sunday, April 17, 2011

$50 - OBO

At a yard sale recently, I spotted a great piece of potential yard art. Mr. 58 identified it as a electric washing machine from the early 1900's...lots of gears, wheels and dangerous moving parts; cast iron with a copper wash tub. The tag said "$50-OBO". Our OBO (or best offer) of $35 was gladly accepted and the seller even offered to help load this 200 lb monster into the truck before we changed our minds.. When we did a little research, we were surprised to learn our little piece of yard art was a Apex Clothes Washer from 1917. It was worth 10 times our OBO. You just never know what OBO will get you. We got a great addition to the patio and the seller got rid of a lawn mowing obstacle.

1 comment:

Susan S. said...

Awesome find! SCORE!!!! And that chocolate pie sure looks delicious....I'm gonna just have to come to McKinney and TRY that!!! Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston!

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