Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knew We Would Find One

During the Great Depression of the 1930's, many colleges tried to generate a little extra revenue through the sale of commemorative plates. These plates, made by Wedgwood, depicted campus buildings and scenes from the era and were sold in sets of twelve.

This ad ran in the Texas A&M yearbook, ironically called The Longhorn, in 1937.

Mr. 58 and I are both Aggies and have always wanted to have one of these vintage plates. They are quite rare and somewhat pricey. I've joked that maybe one day we'd find one at a garage sale. Not too long ago, we were browsing at a thrift store. Mr. 58 had gone one way and I another to check out the wares. I looked up and there stood Mr. 58 with a huge grin on his face and TWO Aggie plates in his hands. The best part was the price, $3 for both!!

They are displayed with pride in our home and one day will pass on to our children.

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