Thursday, April 7, 2011

Galvanized Anything

Many dealers sell only what they like. As a fairly new dealer, I asked for tips and frequently heard this, "Only sell what you would have in your home." Well, what I like doesn't sell and so I have begun to search the magazines and blogs for the latest craze. And have found that it is anything "galvanized"....bucket, pail, tote, container, or basket. Mop buckets seem to be very know the kind with the wooden wringer part at the top. It just reminds me of something the school custodian used when mopping up after some sick kindergartner.

There is one dealer at ACM who specializes in galvanized goodies. She has a lovely display of garden items and I purchased two of her large oval tubs, put them on my patio and filled them with geraniums. But I would still like to sell my mop bucket that sits in Booth 58, just can't quit thinking about it's past life....somehow even geraniums can't redeem its original purpose.

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Janie said...

The geraniums are cute in the bucket.

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