Friday, November 18, 2011

Elves at Work

The Booth 58 elves have been busy. Mom and I spent an afternoon crafting last week. As we approach our moving day, we are trying to keep our inventory stocked with new Christmas items.

We had a fun day brainstorming ideas that kept our hands busy. We always have big plans and there just never seems to be enough time in our days. That afternoon, carpool time crept up on me right about the same time that I was elbows deep in silver glitter. Mom stayed with our napping "elves", I picked up Big Brother, and then returned to crank out a few more bedazzled goodies... all before dinner time.

We use a ton of shipping tags in Booth 58.  We were excited to find a large stash of them at a local office supply store... they are becoming harder to find these days as "snail mail" becomes less and less popular.  We die them with walnut ink.  Mr. 58 even made us this batch of ink... from real black walnuts he found in McKinney!

I made chalkboard tags for Christmas packages.  Each set comes with 3-4  various sized tags strung with bakers twine and a piece of chalk for labeling your gifts.  They turned out so cute, I might just have to make myself a set!

We have a few more treats in the process of being created.  If we could just add a few more hours in the day, that would be great!

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