Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday at the Mall

No Cyber Monday specials for Antique Company Mall today.  Sorry, folks... just the old fashion kind of deals around here!  It was a great weekend at the Mall.  We are officially in the swing of the season now.  Mrs. 58 is busy cranking out more handmade goodies to fill in the holes left after Black Friday.

Enjoyed a chilly Dickens of a Christmas last night on the Square.  We bundled everyone up, pulled out the double stroller, and did some quick strolling.  Big Brother found the toboggan hill to be a favorite...

The ice skating rink was interesting.... we were amazed that you could "ice skate" on a plastic pond.  The kids still begged us to do it... It was all about the ambiance! 

On the hour, every hour, it "snowed" on the Square.  We were there to catch the last "snowfall" of the weekend.  You would have thought that we had won the lottery!  My kids ran through the snow bubbles (with their mouths wide open) like crazy people.  I had a lady who was working the event, come ask me if they were my kids.  She was concerned that they were ingesting too much of the foam they were using to make the snow flakes.  On the way home, my sweet little girl asked me why snow tastes like bubble bath.  Poor Texas baby!

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