Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shakin' It Up

A funny thing we've noticed lately:  Moving things around helps sales.

Many times we've moved an "older" piece of inventory around and then it quickly sells.  It's kind of like cleaning out your closet or pantry... When you move things around, you notice a lot you weren't seeing on a daily basis.  Mom calls it "Shakin' It Up."  Makin' things fresh and new... even though it is the same old stuff! 

 (By the way:  We have a goal to bring in at least 40 new items every 10 days... for you repeat customers... We know you like to see new stuff!  Keep coming back to see what we've added!)

Speaking of Moving Things... BOOTH 58 IS MOVING!!!

On Dec. 15th, we will be moving our booth to the front of the store.  Look for us on the right side, toward the front window.  We plan to bring our "famous" white picket fence,our old header, and our green shutters.  Mr. 58 already has "blueprints" for the new area... Lots of cool plans in the works. 

We are excited that our space will be doubling and we will be able to bring more furniture in now.  We've loved our time in our little cluttered corner, but we are really excited about this move!  Come be one of our first visitors and finish your Christmas shopping with us.

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